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South Labor Relations Bulletins 2021
SLR-1-21 - Updated 2021 Holiday Schedule
SLR-2-21 - Cement Masons MLA Termination Procedure
SLR-3-21 - FASB Notice 2021
South Labor Relations Bulletins 2020
NLR 2-20_SLR 1-20 - MLK Jr. Holiday
NLR-03-20 - SLR-02-20 President's Day Holiday
NLR-10-20-SLR-04-20 - FASB Disclosure Information Charts
NLR-19-20 - SLR-13-20 Memorial Day Holiday Notice
NLR-20-20 and SLR-15-20 - Cal-OSHA Heat Illness Reminder
NLR-21-20 - SLR-16-20 - OE-12 Semi-Annual Meeting
NLR-27-20 SLR-23-20 - Labor Day Holiday (Final)
SLR-05-20-Carpenters Los Angeles Sick Leave MOU Fully Executed
SLR-06-20 - Cement Masons Increase
SLR-07-20 - Laborers Increase
SLR-09-20 - Laborers Utility Increase
SLR-10-20 - Laborers Housemover Increase
SLR-11-20 - Laborers Tunnel Increases
SLR-12-20 - Laborers Parking Highway Increases
SLR-14-20 - Carpenter Increases
SLR-14-20 - Carpenter Increases Revised 3
SLR-14-20 - Carpenters Increases Revised 5
SLR-14-20 - Carpenter Increases Revised 6
SLR-14-20 - Carpenters Increases Revised
SLR-17-20 - Teamsters Increases
SLR-18-20 Operating Engineers 12 Increase Revised
SLR-18-20 Operating Engineers 12 Increases
SLR-22-20 PSL Waivers (Final) 8.6.20
SLR-25-20 Thanksgiving Day Holiday
SLR-26-20 OE-12 Semi-Annual Membership Meeting
SLR-27-20 Remaining Holidays & 2021 Holiday Schedule
Carpenters South Master Labor Agreements
2016-2020 Carpenters Master Agreement (website version)
2016-2020 Carpenters Master Agreement
Cement Masons South Master Labor Agreements
2014-2017 Cement Masons Signed MLA (Full)
2017-2020 Cement Masons Agreement (website)
Iron Workers South Master Labor Agreements
2014-2017 Ironworkers MLA - UNFORMATTED VERSION
2017-2020 AGC - Iron Workers Master Labor Agreement with Index (Website Version)
Laborers South Master Labor Agreements
2015-2018 Laborers Master Labor Agreement
2018-2022 Laborers Master Labor Agreement Final (with index) (website version)
Laborers Parking & Highway South Master Labor Agreements
2015-2018 Laborers Parking Highway Agreement
2018-2022 Laborers Parking Highway Master Labor Agreement
Laborers Tunnel South Master Labor Agreements
2015-2018 Laborers Tunnel Agreement
2018-2022 Laborers Tunnel Agreement
Operating Engineers South Master Labor Agreements
2016-2019 Operating Engineers Master Labor Agreement
2019-2022 Operating Engineers Master Labor Agreement
Teamsters South Master Labor Agreements
2016-2019 Teamsters Master Labor Agreement
2019-2022 Teamsters Master Labor Agreement
Union Directory
2019-2021 AGC Union Directory
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